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Frequently Asked Questions - Eye-Catcher Sign Holders

The following section lists frequently asked questions relating to the Eye-Catcher Innovations® range of safety sign holders. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why should I use Eye-Catcher safety sign holders?
There are many reasons to use Eye-Catcher safety sign products, but the most important is that Eye-Catcher products will give you the ability to print your own safety signs and this saves you time and money.

How do Eye-Catcher sign holders work?
Eye-Catcher products are water resistant covers designed to protect paper signs in wet environments. The Eye-Catcher Innovations range offers the flexibility to easily update or change your safety signs. Using our products you can…
Design your own signs or download our signs to print on your own printer.
Or write your messages on any paper (water resistant paper is not required).
Simply insert your sign in any one of our holders.

Are Eye-Catcher products cost effective?
The Eye-Catcher Innovations range will reduce your safety sign costs. This is because…
Water resistant paper is not required in our products.
Plain photocopy paper from your printer will do.
Avoid costly laminated, vinyl or painted signs.

Will I need to regularly replace Eye-Catchers?
In outdoor applications Eye-Catchers sign holders will eventually need replacement after several years depending on how they are treated during use, but your investment in Eye-Catcher products should pay for itself well before this time.

Are Eye-Catcher products weather proof?
All Eye-Catcher Innovations sign holders are designed to withstand hot summers and wet winters. We thoroughly test all our designs for water resistance during the design process. The products are inserted with paper and placed in a test booth that sprays 15.5 litres of water per minute (equivalent to rainfall of more than 300 inches per hour!) from all sides of the product for a period of 5 hours. At the end of the test we check to ensure there is no evidence of moisture on the paper.

Is plastic strong enough?
Yes! We use a corrosion and moisture resistant Polypropylene plastic known for its clarity and performance in a wide range of environments.

Are the metal bases corrosion resistant?
Yes! We use galvanised steel for the maxibase and chrome plating on the multipurpose base. Both are subjected to thorough corrosion testing.

How do I get the best out of Eye-Catcher products?
In order to get the best result with Eye-Catcher sign holders we recommend the following...
Use good quality paper when printing your signs.
Print with a laser printer or high quality ink.
Replace signs periodically to maintain vivid colours.

What do others say about Eye-Catchers?

Here is just one example of the many good things our customers have to say...

“We have found that Eye-Catcher ticket holders have helped us present a more professional look to our customers, and have assisted us in keeping costs to a minimum through being able to protect the tickets from the harsh elements of the Australian weather.”
Mark Cleemann
National Stores Development Co-ordinator
Mitre 10 Australia

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