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Frequently Asked Questions - Protect-it Pallet Rack Protection

If you have any further questions anbout our Protect-it Pallet Racking Protection products, including our Pallet Rack Guards and Pallet Racking Column Guards, please 

How do Protect-it Pallet rack Guards fit columns?
Protect-it™ pallet racking guards take just seconds to install by hand. The design incorporates an ingenious spring clip design that enables Protect-it™ pallet racking protectors to securely grip the column and automatically adjust its width to suit a wide range of column sizes. All other competitor products require an additional attachment system like Velcro, bolts, concrete penetration or additional parts that are prone to breakage.

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How does Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Protection work?
Protect-it™ pallet rack protection products combine clever design, Computer Aided Engineering and advanced thermoplastic materials to deliver a product that can absorb large impacts and easily attach to a column without additional fasteners. Protect-it™ pallet rack protectors consist of an outer wall that is integrally moulded to a series of curved “spring like” energy absorbers at the front and sides to provide two levels of protection for columns.
Under light to moderate impacts the outer wall deforms to resist the impact before our Protect-it™ pallet rack guard returns to its original shape.
Under higher impacts the outer wall deflects even more, contacting the energy absorbers and delivering increased impact absorption.
This staged response makes the product flexible enough to accommodate everyday knocks and bumps yet robust enough to withstand substantial forklift impacts. To view a video of an impact test please visit our literature page.

Are Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Guards cost effective?

There are three costs to consider when purchasing a rack protector:

  • Initial purchase cost. Protect-it™ is represents great value for money (based on a 3-high stack of Protect-it 3's or Protect-it 4's on each column).

  • Installation cost. Installation takes only seconds, so labour cost is negligible.

  • Replacement cost. Typically much less than our competitors because you often only need to replace one damaged unit and not the whole stack of Protect-its.

When all three costs are considered Protect-it™ represents best value.

Do Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Guards meet the design standards?
Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Protectors pass both front and side impact tests specified in the European Codes EN 15512-2009 and FEM 10.2.02 and Australian Standard AS4084-2012.
If you are not covered by one of the above standards we invite you to contact us to discuss relevant standards in your country.

Why are Protect-it™ Pallet Racking Guards so small?
Most impacts occur within 300mm of the floor. The small size of Protect-it™ pallet rack protection delivers a number of benefits: Impact damage to protection devices typically occurs in a small area only.

  • Protect-it's small size and stacked configuration allows damaged units to be replaced individually and far more cost effectively than large single-piece products offered by competitors.

  • You can stack as many or as few Protect-it's as you like onto a column to cover the possible impact heights in your application.

  • You can use a combination of colours (such as black and yellow)  recognised safety colours.

  • Protect-it™ can fit in confined spaces where competitors cannot go.

Is column and rack protection really a big issue?
Racking systems are not designed to resist multiple impacts from forklift MHE equipment. Even low speed collisions can result in damage placing workers at serious risk. Modern Racking Standards and Health and Safety Laws require that any column vulnerable to forklift impact  be fitted with a protection device.

How do Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Protectors compare to metal guards?

Metal column guards are normally bolted into a concrete floor. When damaging impact occurs, the concrete floor is damaged making replacement a costly labour exercise. With Protect-it™ there is virtually no labour cost to install or replace. Other metal guards bolt onto columns and offer virtually no impact absorption (front or side).

How do Protect-it™ Pallet Racking Protectors compare to other plastic guards?
Protect-it Pallet Rack Guards are injection moulded. This allows us to use much tougher plastics, and develop much more refined designs with exceptional all round performance.
Some Competitors plastic guards are rotational moulded using materials that do not perform in cold stores. Put a rotational moulded competitor product in a cold store, hit it with a hammer and see for yourself what happens.
Other competitors guard designs are extruded in one length  making installation onto a column and removal from a column extremely difficult.

Is plastic strong enough?
Yes! We use a super tough grade of corrosion and moisture resistant HDPE thermoplastic. This special material has a reputation throughout the world for impact strength in a wide range of extreme environments.

Will Protect-it™ Pallet Rack Guards work at low temperatures?
The material was selected after intensive research and product testing in a range of environments including cold stores at -40 degrees. Protect-it™ performs in the harsh Australian summers and Northern winters.

Should I regularly replace Protect-it™ Pallet Racking column guards?
Impact protection devices must deform in order to absorb impact energy. For light to medium impacts this deformation is reversible and the device returns to its original state once the load is removed. In more serious impacts a well designed protection device may deform irreversibly or fracture – this is an effective way to absorb more energy and minimise rack damage. No column protection device will withstand a severe impact. Protect-it™ is designed to meet the frontal impact requirements of the Australian and European racking Standards. We recommend regular inspections and immediate replacement if permanent deformation or breakage is observed after an impact. The frequency of replacement will depend on your forklift drivers – always encourage them to drive responsibly!

What about safety inspections?
Pallet racking should be inspected regularly for damage in accordance with local Health and Safety laws. It assist inspection, pallet rack protectors should be easily removed.
Protect-it™ pallet rack guards take just seconds to remove and re-install, allowing safety inspectors to conduct fast and effective visual inspections.
By comparison some competitor extruded plastic protectors are extremely difficult to install and remove, making the task of inspecting pallet racking for damage very difficult and often ignored.

What about Warranties?
We warrant that our products are fully functional, new and of merchantable quality, fit for its intended purpose, will correspond with the quantity, specification and description set out in the respective order, is free from any defects arising from defective workmanship, design or material, and will perform in accordance with any representations made on this website. The extent of the warranty is inter alia to replace faulty product.

Protect-it Pallet Racking Protection products deliver a wide range of Pallet Rack Protectors, Pallet Racking Column Guards, Pallet Racking protectors, Column Protectors, Column Guards, Pallet Rack Guards and Pallet Racking Column Guards, designed to prevent costly pallet rack damage, iand improve Warehouse Safety.

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