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Frequently Asked Questions - Protect-it MAXI™ Column Guard

The following section lists frequently asked questions relating to Protect-it MAXI™ structural column guards. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

How does Protect-it MAXI™ work?
Protect-it MAXI™ structural column protectors combine clever design, Computer Aided Engineering and advanced thermoplastic materials to deliver a product that can absorb large impacts. Each product has an outer wall that is integrally moulded to a series of curved “spring like” energy absorbers at the front and sides to provide two levels of protection for columns.
Under light to moderate impacts the outer wall deforms to resist the impact before returning to its original shape.
Under higher impacts the outer wall deflects even more, contacting the energy absorbers and delivering increased impact absorption.
This staged response makes the product flexible enough to accommodate everyday knocks and bumps yet robust enough to withstand substantial forklift impacts.
You can single wrap or double wrap the column to double the impact absorption. This is a unique feature of the Protect-it MAXI structural column protetor that no other competitor can offer.

What performance testing has been done?
The impact absorption technology used on Protect-it MAXI™ Column Guard has been proven on other Protect-it™ products over many years throughout Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia and Nth America.
We conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis on Protect-it MAXI™ during the product development process to replicate real life impact performance and assess the performance limits.
In summary;
With Protect-it MAXI™ column guards installed on a 100UC_15 (4”) column no column damage evident after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 2km/hour*.
With Protect-it MAXI™ 
column guards installed on a 200UC_59 (8”) no column damage evident after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 6km/hour*.

Without Protect-it MAXI™ column guards installed, there would be permanent column damage.

*Refer to the literature section of this website for a full technical report and real life test videos.

Is Protect-it MAXI™ cost effective?
Protect-it MAXI™ structural column protectors are the most cost effective structural column protector is the world. This is because there are actually three costs to consider when purchasing a column protector:
Initial purchase cost - Protect-it MAXI™ is one of lowest priced structural column protectors in the world.
Installation cost - Installation takes minutes with no additional fasteners, so labour cost is negligible.
Replacement cost is a fraction of our competitors. Impact damage typically occurs in a small area only. Protect-it MAXI™ column guards are designed so that damaged units can be replaced individually and far more cost effectively than large two piece products offered by competitors.
Transport cost is a fraction of our competitors because the unique space saving design.

When should I replace Protect-it MAXI™?
The frequency of replacement will depend on your forklift drivers – always encourage them to drive responsibly!
All impact protection devices must deform in order to absorb impact energy. For light to medium impacts Protect-it MAXI™ column protection barriers return to their original shape. In more serious impacts Protect-it MAXI™ column guards(as with all well designed protection devices, plastic or metal) may deform irreversibly or even fracture to protect the column. When this happens, they should be replaced immediately.

What are Protect-it MAXI dimensions?
Protect-it MAXI column protection barriers only protrude 78mm(3.1") from the column while still capable of absorbing significant impacts. It is a great solution when there is a space problem.
You can also double wrap the column to double the impact absorption. This increases the thickness to 156mm or 6.2".

Is plastic strong enough?

Yes! We use a special grade of HDPE combined with special additives to make it super tough. Our column protectors have established a reputation throughout the world for impact strength in a wide range of extreme environments from Arctic winters to Australian summers.

Can Protect-it MAXI™ be used outdoors?
Yes, but outdoor use will reduce the performance life.
To maintain optimum impact performance, we recommend our products for indoor applications only.

How do Protect-it MAXI™ column guards compare to other plastic column protectors?
Tougher Materials - Most plastic competitor products are made from LDPE using the rotational moulding process. This material becomes brittle in below zero temperatures. Protect-it MAXI™ column protectors are injection moulded allowing us to use much tougher HDPE plastic materials with special additives and capable of performing in temperatures as low as -40’C.
Low delivery cost - Protect-it MAXI Column Protectors also designed to minimize transport cost and is typically less than 15% of our competitors transport cost.

What about safety inspections?
We recommend regular inspections and immediate replacement if permanent deformation or breakage is observed after an impact.
Removal of a single connection pin enables Protect-it MAXI™ column protector to be removed from the column, allowing safety inspectors to conduct fast and effective visual inspections. Once this is done Protect-it MAXI™ column guards can be re-installed in seconds by reversing the procedure. We advise that you check the safety standards in your region.

Is Protect-it MAXI™ easy to install?
Protect-it MAXI™ Column Protectors are supplied in a pack of 20 individual Protect-it MAXI’s and 8 connecting pins weighing only 8.2kg (18lbs). The pack size allows one person to create a column protector to suit your own specific needs in minutes, irrespective of the column size or shape, and without exceeding safe work practices for manual lifting. The larger the column, the more Protect-it MAXI boxes required.

What about Warranties?
We warrant that our products are fully functional, new and of merchantable quality, fit for its intended purpose, will correspond with the quantity, specification and description set out in the respective order, is free from any defects arising from defective workmanship, design or material, and will perform in accordance with any representations made on this website. The extent of the warranty is inter alia to replace faulty product.

The Protect-it MAXI column protectors deliver structural column protection including building columns guards, structural column guards, carpark column protection, Carpark Column barriers to improve warehouse safety. 

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