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FACT CHECK - VISIPRO 500mm Plastic Pallet Rack Guard - Impact Testing

Published by Paul Huxtable in Fact Check - Impact Testing · 2/11/2015 15:37:00
The manufacturer of this 500mm high Pallet Rack Guard claims to pass impact tests specified in FEM 10.2.02 (a 400nm front impact) 
In our opinion, test Jig's should be designed so that their construction does not compromise the credibiltiy of the test results. 
The image below shows the test equipment used by Visipro to conduct impact testing.
  1. The post sample is only 700mm long. It should be over 1000mm between fastening points to accurately measure the effects of the impact. In the EN, FEM and AS impact test standards, post damage is measured with a 1 metre steel rule. Deflection at the front of the post profile cannot exceed 3mm. It is therefore impossible to correctly measure damage using this test jig.
  2. The post sample is attached to the test jig baseplate at three points.
    1. in the centre just below the impact point and;
    2. two supports 305mm on either side of the centre support.
    3. The three fastening points prevent any deflection of the post profile and therefore compromise the Impact Test results. 

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